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Application of wireless communication technologies in Smart Grid

This thesis sheds the light on the various aspects of Ukrainian medical tourism development, introduces it’s favorable aspects, points out the problems existing in this field and welcomes foreign partners for the future cooperation. The number of foreigners coming to Ukraine for medical treatment is growing year by year. The following services of Ukrainian medical tourism deserve world’s consideration: reproductive medicine, egg donation, surrogate maternity, cosmetic surgery, innovative ways of cancer treatment, bariatric surgery etc. The thesis shows the main field of work of Dnipropetrovsk Region Inbound Medical Tourism Association and provides brief information on Association work results and future perspectives. There are about 120 clinics that treat foreign patients in different regions of Ukraine. According to the statistics, 53 000 foreign patients visited Ukraine in 2017 in order to be treated, and this number have reached the mark of 65 000 in 2019. As you can see, medical tourism in Ukraine is being in progress year by year but it’s development rates can be better. I want to draw your attention to the factors that make medical tourism in Ukraine very appealing. First of all, the cost and the quality of the service is the most reasonable. Every private clinic in Ukraine delivers it’s services as defined in European records. The equipment that is used in our clinics is up-to-date and innovative. The last but not the least, the complete professionalism of Ukrainian doctors. The priority areas of international medical tourism of Ukraine are the following treatment areas:

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