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Azerbaijan, new destination

In the world where the globalization and personal health play the main roles, Medical Tourism became the trend in which people living in one country tend to move in another country for health, dental, surgical or another treatment. It is a unique way of relaxing abroad and receiving professional, highly qualified medical care at the same time. In many leading countries, this practice is actively conducted. However, in Azerbaijan, for the first time, medical services in the tourism sector were introduced in 2017 and continue to develop dynamically in this direction thanks to the Medvoyage Company. Let me illustrate the work of the company in which I am the Chair for 3 years. The main goal of the company is to organize the Incoming and Outgoing services, in other words, to provide treatment of foreign citizens, as well as local citizens abroad and contribute to the formation of Azerbaijan as an education center. To achieve these goals Medvoyage create a unique structure for working with patients, as well as collect a huge base of local and foreign doctors, and establish strong networking with the best medical organizations, clinics and centers around the world. Besides all of these priorities, our company offers a complete package of MİCE services, which is the designing, organization and conducting various corporate events, ranging from business meetings to professional forums with the participation of the best specialists in the world. The privileges that we have allowed the company easily offer for foreign patients a specialist in the specific field and provide with professional medical care in a short time and for a low cost. ‘Check-up’ comprehensive medical examination services, gastroenterology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, oncology, orthopaedics, vascular surgery, otolaryngology, endocrinology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, gynaecology, allergology, dermatology, dentistry, plastic surgery, metal surgery glands, aesthetic services - all this and much more is within the scope of Medvoyage. Moreover, within the framework of domestic medical tourism, we can also offer traditional Azerbaijani treatment methods that is the Thermal tourism. Thermal tourism is a kind of medical tourism, which provides various treatments with using natural resources such as volcanic mud, oil, mineral waters and salt caves for thermomineral baths, inhalation and mud baths.

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