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Can Medical Value Travel make global healthcare a flat market place?

Medical Value Travel is a fast growing segment contributing good growth for the providers across destination counties. India has diligently recognized the opportunity and is showcasing its strength and potential in global market through public-private partnership, thereby paving its way to become a hub for medical tourism. However this segment still lies lucrative and is a transaction based industry. It has been creating minimal or sub optimal value in the ecosystem. In a layman’s word, players charge International patients at a premium, which in turn makes healthcare heavy on their pockets. Medical Value travel is not just about bringing a patient to a hospital and earning a referral fee. It has a lot more it and a bigger opportunity to enable India in the global market place. What is the future of medical value travel? Where does it give us the opportunity in creating value in this ecosystem? With various hospitals and markets that are looking at accessing medical value travel, what are the areas that needs auditing to sustain this industry? What is required to start disruption in medical value travel? Who are our customers? What is the service cycle in this segment? What markets pose an opportunity and those that are stagnant? How difficult is brand building in medical value travel? Since it is a service based industry, how can one institutionalize this segment?

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