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Challenges Involved in Medical Tourism

How to thrive in the fastest growing industry in the world? International healthcare is constantly expanding and medical tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors with 25% annual growth and 55% in developing countries. In this fast-moving industry healthcare and wellness providers have new, substantial opportunities to grow their business and open new revenue streams. At the same time, the patient journey along with patient’s expectations are evolving and new services and solutions are created every day to meet the demands of the patients, but few succeeded. Why is that? To answer that question, we will explain some of the main opportunities in the industry and how healthcare providers need to transform their patient journey in order to succeed. We are going to explain how to create patient centric solutions and how to succeed on the international markets when it comes to geographical expansion, patient acquisition strategies (B2B & B2C) and maximise the average send per patient, for the optimum ROI in medical tourism.

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