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Challenges Involved in Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is a fast growing industry which has at least 25% growth globally per year by 2025 (Medical Tourism Magazine, 2015), which is a huge growth comparing to other industries, this definition means that people travel from their countries to another to get their medical care and seeking tourism, it has a remarkable impact and competitive advantage on the other industries with a direct paid services to the health care providers and on the other hand other countries recognize medical tourism as lucrative opportunity to generate the national income and boost up the economy indirectly enhance the capacity of service providers to handle this type of tourists (AYOUB, 2017). Many challenges are there to appear with each country that include visa issuing, different currencies, international accreditations, language barrier, digital marketing ,cost ,political condition, climate, international insurances (as many patients already covered with international insurances which cover them outside their countries ) branding, country positioning and ranking in medical tourism.

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