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Chinese Muslim International Students’ Psychological Adjustment in Malaysia

International students are growing in numbers in Malaysian college and university campuses since the commercialization of education at tertiary level introduced in 1990’s. More significantly, there is an increase of Muslim students’ population from different parts of the world in Malaysia. As an example there is a substantial increase of Muslim students from the People Republic of China (RPC) in Malaysian campuses who regard Malaysia as a peaceful and developing Muslim country. The aim of this qualitative study is to explore the thoughts and experiences of Muslim students from the RPC Chinese at different a universities in Malaysia. Six Muslim students from RPC were interviewed in this study. Based on the data obtained from the interviews, the findings were categorized into several themes. Most Muslim students from the RPC found difficulty in adjusting with new environment such as Malaysia especially climate, food and infrastructures available. Students also found that language was a barrier for interactions and communications with locals. At individual level, students suffered from loneliness and homesickness was common especially among new students in Malaysia. Students also found that their financial management was a challenge. The study also found several coping strategies adopted by students in their pursuit for knowledge in Malaysia. Fortunately, the students felt easy to adjust in Malaysia as their plights were supported by university management, faculty members, local students and friends. In general, the students concluded that Malaysia is a peaceful and beautiful country with kindness, toleration and helpfulness of her people. Finally, the student recommended that services and facilities should be improved for all international students in Malaysia.

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