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Cloud Computing Survey on Services, Enhancements and Challenges in the Era of Machine Learning and Data Science

Cloud computing has sweeping impact on the human productivity. Today it’s used for Computing, Storage, Predictions and Intelligent Decision Making, among others. Intelligent Decision Making using Machine Learning has pushed for the Cloud Services to be even more fast, robust and accurate. Security remains one of the major concerns which affect the cloud computing growth however there exist various research challenges in cloud computing adoption such as lack of well managed Service Level Agreement (SLA), frequent disconnections, resource scarcity, interoperability, privacy, and reliability. Tremendous amount of work still needs to be done to explore the security challenges arising due to widespread usage of cloud deployment using Containers. We also discuss Impact of Cloud Computing and Cloud Standards. Hence in this paper, a detailed survey of cloud computing, concepts, architectural principles, key services, and implementation, design and deployment challenges of cloud computing are discussed in detail and important future research directions in the era of Machine Learning and Data Science have been identified. 

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