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Compression corsets with low compression class for the prevention and treatment of patients after mastectomy and lymphadenectomy

There is no fully effective treatment for secondary lymphedema. In patients with breast cancer, lymphedema may present immediately after axillary dissection or years later. It typically occurs in a limb (such as an arm), but it can also occur in the torso, especially in breast cancer patients. It is, therefore, essential to prevent or minimize the condition. The currently used compression therapy has varying efficiency. Thus, researchers are still looking for better solutions, especially for primary prevention. whether compression corsets therapy with a class I compression garment could prevent truncal lymphedema on the operated side in females who underwent mastectomy and axillary lymph node dissection as the standard of care for breast cancer treatment and whether this therapy is efficient in prevention and treatment of truncal lymphedema in patients who underwent mastectomy and additional radiotherapy, and whether this method could be implemented for pain reduction strategies in this treatment group.

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