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Computational Systems Biology of Pathogen–Host Interactions

The Host-pathogen interaction is outlined as however microbes or viruses sustain themselves among host organisms on a molecular, cellular, system or population level. This term is most ordinarily accustomed see disease-causing microorganisms though they will not cause ill health all told hosts. Infectious diseases square measure one in every of the preliminary causes of death worldwide annually. rising and reemerging diseases and drug resistant pathogens have created the matter a lot of serious for men. Therefore, novel therapeutic methods, referred to as theranostics, square measure more and more investigated to fight the biological threats. Systems biology aims at understanding and modelling complicated biological systems as an entire. Systems biology approaches could concentrate on single or multiple levels, together with proteins, genes, tissues, cells, whole populations or organisms. This space of analysis has emerged at the start of the twenty first century. It's characterized by a powerful association of wet research lab experiments and machine analysis, wherever the analysis and modelling of experimental information ends up in new hypotheses that cause new experiments

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