Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An OverviewISSN: 2327-4581

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Web mapping and therefore the geospatial information online has evolved rapidly over the past few decades round the world. Almost every mobile now has location services and each event and object on the world features a location. the utilization of this geospatial location data has expanded rapidly, because of the event of the web. Huge volumes of geospatial data are available and daily being captured online, and are utilized in web applications and maps for viewing, analysis, modelling and simulation. This paper reviews the developments of web mapping from the primary static online map images to the present highly interactive, multisourced web mapping services that are increasingly moved to cloud computing platforms. the entire environment of web mapping captures the mixing and interaction between three components found online, namely, geospatial information, people and functionality. during this paper, the trends and interactions among these components are identified and reviewed in reference to the technology developments.

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