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Cowpers Syringocele Revealed by Post-micturition Dribbling in an Adult

Cowper’s syringocele is an uncommon but probably under-diagnosed cystic dilation of the Cowper’s gland ducts. Syringoceles are traditionally observed in the pediatric population but are increasingly being recognized in the adult population. We report the case of a 40 years old patient with a mono symptomatic Cowper’s syringocele revealed by post-micturition dribbling. Physical examination was normal. History and symptoms were unremarkable except this enigmatic post void incontinence. Diagnosis was suggested by ultrasonography and urethrocystoscopy findings and confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and an ascending urethrogram and a voiding cystogram. The syringocele was successfully managed by transurethral unroofing of the cyst. The patient’s symptoms completely resolved. Post operative urethroscopy showed no narrowing or enlargement of the urethra in the operated area. Through this additional case we briefly review clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of cowper’s syringocele.

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