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Cu (InGa) SeTe Nanocrystals Structural and Optical Properties

Cu (InGa) SeTe Nanocrystals Structural and Optical Properties

Novel chalcogenide nanocrystals are the potential materials for the photovoltaic use. Predominantly, single phasic chalcogen materials are an area of the great attention. In this order it is important to demonstrate colloidal synthesis of Cu25(In16Ga9)Se40Te10 (CIGST-1) and Cu20(In14Ga9)Se45Te12 (CIGST-2) nanocrystals adopting the single step heating-up (170ºC) process. The synthesized materials single/ multi-phases crystallographic structures are verified from the X-ray diffractometer. The average size agglomerated nanocrystals/ particles is evaluated less than 10 nm from the Transmission Electron Microscopy and VU-Visible spectrum Lorentzian fit analysis. The UV-Visible optical absorption spectrum demonstrates a distinguishable blue shift. While the elemental presence and their particle distribution within the configuration is described with help of the energy dispersive X-ray mapping technique. The materials binding energy core level changes are verified from the X-photoelectron spectroscopy. The photoluminescence spectroscopic outcome is revealed a broad peak in wave length range 450 nm to 750 nm for these materials.

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