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Dental Morphology and Overview of Formation of Dentition


Humans have two arrangements of teeth in the course of their life. The primary set of teeth to be seen within the mouth is that the primary or deciduous dentition, which begins to make prenatally at approximately 14 weeks in utero and is completed postnatally at approximately 3 years aged. Within the absence of congenital disorders, dental disease, or trauma, the primary teeth during this dentition begin to seem within the mouth at the mean age of 6 months, and therefore the last emerge at a mean age of 28 ± 4 months. The deciduous dentition remains intact (barring loss from cavity or trauma) until the kid is approximately 6 years aged. At approximately that point, the primary succedaneous or permanent teeth begin to emerge into the mouth. The emergence of those teeth begins the transition or mixed dentition period, during which there's a mix of deciduous and succedaneous teeth present.

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