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Design and Synthesis of Nano-Sized Polymer Stabilized Hybrid Materials Based on Iron Oxide and Silver Nanoparticles and their Antifungal activity

The high level of resistance of yeast species of the genus Candida to antifungal agents used in the practice, defines the scientific interest to investigate the antifungal properties of newly synthesized hybrid materials. The research is directed to find a viable alternative for the treatment of infections caused by the highly resistant Candida species. The tested in the experiments nano-sized bimetallic polymer stabilized hibrid materials based on iron oxide and silver nanoparticles (γFe2O3/AgNps/PVA), were characterized by different techniques and for the first time tested onto six clinical Candida strains with a predetermined resistance to different antimycotics. The results showed the presence of very strong antifungal activity.

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