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Determination of User Factor Requirements for Acceptable of Biometric Voter Registration Technology

Voting systems around the world are transitioning from the manual voting practices to electronic systems for better service delivery. However, even with electronic systems, credibility of the technology has been a challenge to many countries around the world. This is because of electoral bodies focus on the technical supply-side factors with little emphasis on acceptable biometric technology systems. There has been inadequate research and development in IT models particularly leading to adoption and acceptance of BVR Technology to inform the publics’ uptake of acceptable election outcomes. While a number of adoption models have been and applied to the developed countries, they require domestication in order to address the specific client-based needs of developing nations. This study therefore was meant to establish the valid user factors that determine easy adoption and wide acceptability of the BVR technology. Analyzing the existing BVR technology and determination of usage factors for adoption of BVR Process formed the objectives of this study. Questionnaires and interview schedules were used as research instruments to collect data. Data was then arranged and coded for analysis. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the collected data. Data presentation was done using tables and logical analysis. The study affirmed that paybacks, lack of reliance, negative exactitudes of technology users, inadequacy of government policy, lack of preparation in BVR technology and lack of edification in internet use led to low usage rate of BVR Technology.

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