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Driving while High: College Student Beliefs And Behaviors

As more states legalize the medical and recreational use of marijuana, more users may be driving under its influence. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2016), drivers under the influence of marijuana are more likely to be involved in traffic fatalities, especially when the driver is a young adult. Attitudes toward marijuana and its risks have been changing over the last few years and more young adults do not see risks in using it. This study sought to examine beliefs about marijuana and driving under the influence in college students. Results showed that college students overwhelmingly view drinking alcohol and driving as unacceptable, but are more tolerant of driving after smoking marijuana. Furthermore, students who have smoked marijuana were more likely to have been a “designated driver” for those under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana. National prevention campaigns need to present facts about marijuana and driving to young adults and teens and more research needs to be done on the risks of driving while high.

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