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Eco Friendly Synthesis of Zinc-Metal Organic Framework Luminescent Nano Particles (Zn-Mofnp), Characterization and their Extended Applications to Antimicrobial Studies

Zinc metal oxygen framework nano particle (Zn-MOFNP) can be synthesized using a simple solvent free environmentally benign combustion method. The structural characterization of synthesized nano particles are carried out using XRD, FT-IR and SEM. The XRD results show that Zn-MOFNP is in single phase. The SEM results show that Zn-MOFNP is highly porous with nano sheet appearance. The optical characterization was carried out using UV and Photoluminescence spectrofluorimeter. The life time experiments were carried out using single photon counting instrument and it was about 3.8 ns. The FT-IR studies clearly indicate the formation of the compound. The compound shows antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in par with the standard. Further substitution can enhance the antimicrobial properties

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