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Effect of In-Service Education Workshop on Occupational Health and Safety In Terms of Knowledge and Awareness among Nurses in a Selected Tertiary Care Hospital in India:An Evaluation

1.1 Background: Nurses are frequently exposed to occupational hazards in terms of blood borne infections during daily patient care activities in hospitals from low income countries like India and South Africa. Knowledge and awareness related to occupational health and safety can make them cautious and observe standard safety measures effectively and protect them from acquiring blood borne infections.

1.2 Objective: To evaluate the effect of in-service education workshop on occupational health and safety in terms of knowledge and awareness among nurses in a tertiary level care facility of India.

1.3 Methods: Using a pre-experimental research design, knowledge and awareness of 49 conveniently enrolled nurses on occupational health and safety was evaluated before and after a one day in-service education workshop organized at a single centre study in. Pre-tested and validated knowledge and awareness questionnaire (α = 0.85) related to occupational health and safety was used along with subject data sheet for the data collection.

1.4 Results: Majority of nurses (75.7%) were more than 30 years with the mean age and range 37.2±7.7, and 25-51 respectively, females (93.9%), having diploma in nursing as professional qualification (69.4%), nearly 50% of nurses were holding the designation of sister grade –II and equal number were holding administrative posts. Majority of nurses (73.5%) were vaccinated against hepatitis B and 26.5% of nurses had sustained needle stick injuries during patient activities and all received primary first aid care in terms of wound cleaning using soap and water and none received the post exposure prophylaxis. All nurses had attended one or more in-service education program on infection control and prevention. Baseline knowledge and awareness scores of the nurses were 36.1±8.9 (11-52, max score 69). There was significant difference between the pre and post workshop knowledge and awareness scores of nurses (36.1±8.9 vs. 55.1± 7.1, p < 0.001).

1.5 Conclusion: The majority of nurses were lacking knowledge and awareness regarding occupational hazards, and this lack was corrected after the in-service education workshop. 1.6 Recommendations: Periodic in-service training courses on occupational health and safety should be provided in order to keep the nurses’ knowledge and awareness updated regarding occupational health and safety.

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