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Effect of Xenon Oscillations on CANDU Power Cycles


In this research work, the effect of Xenon poisoning in a Canadian Deuterium Uranium (CANDU) reactor for different load cycles has been examined. The three load cycles that have been analyzed are 100%-70% full power, 100%-60% Full Power (FP), and 100%-50% FP. It is considered that the CANDU reactor has operated for a full week on a particular load cycle and the maximum excess of Xenon reactivity that accumulated in the reactor during the load cycle has been estimated. After calculating the excess Xenon reactivity in a load cycle, it has been analyzed whether it is within given reactivity limit (-18 to +7 mk) provided by devices which include liquid zone controllers, absorbers and adjusters in a CANDU reactor. Further it has been also mentioned as to what are options of controlling the reactor power if this excess reactivity exceeds the limit supplied by adjusters, absorbers and liquid zone controllers. With the results of the mathematical analysis of Xenon and Iodine concentration the optimized load cycle on which the CANDU reactor should be operated has been estimated. The impact of all the three power cycles on the uranium fuel is also studied.

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