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Effectiveness of Group Therapy Based on Choice Theory in happiness of Male Addicts Treated with Methadone Maintenance in Yazd, Iran

This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of group therapy
based on choice theory in the happiness of male addicts treated with
methadone maintenance in Yazd, Iran. The statistical population
included all 80 Male addicts treated with methadone maintenance
at Clinic of Yazd in 2015. A group of 30 addicted males was selected
as sample through convenience sampling method. They were
placed randomly in two groups of test (N=15) and control (N=15).
The independent variable was group therapy based on the choice
theory, which was performed through training the experimental
group in eight sessions. The dependent variable was happiness
over addict males evaluated using Oxford Happiness Questionnaire
(OHQ). The results suggested that group therapy based on the
Choice Theory improved happiness over male addicts treated with
methadone maintenance (P>0.01).

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