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Efficiency Gains, Alternative Sources and Environmental Tracking Systems for Telecommunications Networks

The article aims to investigate the power consumption of radio-telecommunication devices beginning with the on-site evaluation carried out by mobile communications providers in Italy, which takes into consideration of differing types of devices, various sites, and varied workloads of technologies. There are many more than 60 000 Radio Stations in France, according to the APAT data. They demonstrate that they will have a significant energy usage: 0,7 percent of Italy's electricity consumption is much more than 1.5 TWh annually. Researchers have indeed proven that the energy demand of one associated air - conditioning system service linked to the transmitting activities is 2/3, respectively, 1/3 of the power consumption. Furthermore, we present on-site renewable energy sources for producing a portion of the energy required by communication equipment, produced with Vodafone supplier: a photovoltaic system has been planned and built for the first time the Term at two different Italian locations. All processes have indeed been finished is for the German government to acquire financial incentives at each location.

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