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Electricity Production by Hydro Power Plant

Energy production has many ways, also electricity is very important for daily life work, various ways introduced for the production of electricity like electricity production from water called hydro power plant, electricity produce from heat called thermal power plant, electricity produce from wind called wind energy power plant, electricity production from surface heat called geothermal energy. In this paper discussed the hydro power plant electricity production method and its advantages, drawbacks and its uses at various places. Hydro power plant is one of the most famous, efficient and useful methods for electricity production. Water is a good and efficient renewable energy source for electricity production. Production of electricity by using water has been coming for many decades and it proves itself a better and efficient method of electricity production. Hydro power plants are classified on the basis of power capacity and facility, the first one consist five technologies to make the power capacity fulfill, these five categories such as dammed reservoir, run of river, pumped storage, in stream technology and new technology gravitational vortex. The other category which is capacity is this category further classified on the basis of power limit such as large power, small power, mini power, micro and pico hydropower. Earlier villages are not that much developed due to which advance technology was unable to set up there but nowadays village and countries are in their growing stage so they using hydro power plant as their source of electricity production and this method more come in use due to its cheap and effective nature, this paper give a review of hydro power plant for producing electricity, also gives knowledge about hydropower system and the most suitable turbines which can be used in future.

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