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Erosive Tooth Wear and its Risk Factors among 9-14 Years Children Undergoing Orthodontics

Objective: The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of dental erosion and its associated risk factors among 9-14 yearold children with orthodontic braces.

Methods: This cross-sectional survey was performed by calibrated examiners in a random sample of 447 patients (250 - boys and 197 - girls). Clinical examination was done for dental erosion using the diagnostic criteria of Eccles and the Index of O’Sullivan to record the distribution of the dental erosion. A self-administered questionnaire was developed to record information about consumption of drinks. The analyses were performed using SPSS software 16.

Results: Overall significant difference in the prevalence of dental erosion was seen in all the factors except age group. The most frequently affected surface was the incisal or occlusal edge (43.2%). The results showed that males, children who consumed carbonated drinks, fruit juice and those who had habit of swimming had more dental erosion.

Conclusions: Dental erosion is a major public health problem especially among children with orthodontic cases. The prevalence of erosion is commonly associated with carbonated drinks and swimming. So, orthodontists should offer preventive care and promote a healthier lifestyle by education to children, who are at increased risk of dental erosion.

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