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Evaluation of some bone biomarkers in thyroid diseases patients

Thyroid hormones are key regulators of bone homeostasis, and Wnt signaling has been implicated in thyroid hormone-associated bone loss. Bone remodeling is a complex process carried out by the intricate interactions of osteoclasts and osteoblasts in the bone microenvironment. Serum samples were collected from 90 individuals, 30 of these individuals were normal and 60 cases subdivided into two groups hyper and hypothyroidism (30 patients for each group) which thyroid patients visited to privet clinic in Tikrit city from June 2019 to November 2019. Patients and controls that aged from (18-50) year had assay of Osteocalcin , Sclerostin , Osteoprogestrin , T3, T4 and TSH. This study showed that levels of (T3, T4 and SOST) increased in hyperthyroidism patients rather than control, while levels of (TSH, OC and OPG) were decreased. On the other hand, the levels of (T3, T4, OC and OPG) were decreased in hypothyroidism patients rather than control, but levels of (TSH and SOST) were increased. Osteocalcin and Osteoprogestrin are decreased in thyroid diseases but SOST is increased rather than control, therefore, thyroid hormones disturbance effect on bone metabolism and changed some bone biomarkers.

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