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Everolimus and Lenvatinib in a Kidney Metastatic Epithelioid Angiomyolipoma

Objective: Report the efficacy and safety of a treatment with everolimus and lenvatinib in a patient with metastatic E-AML of the kidney.

Methods: We report one case of E-AML treated at European Georges Pompidou hospital with everolimus and lenvatinib.

Results: The patient had an E-AML with pulmonary and hepatic metastases associated with somatic inactivation of TSC2. After 12 months of treatment, she demonstrated a prolonged partial response with 62% tumor shrinkage. Tolerability was manageable (grade 1 hypertension and renal failure, grade 2 diarrhea).

Conclusion: Combination of everolimus plus lenvatinib was highly effective in this case of metastatic E-AML with TSC2 inactivation. Prospective evaluation of this combination is needed.

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