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Evolutionary Design and Calibration of District Metered Area of Water Supply Networks Using H2OMAP Model

Water distribution has to be thought from the source to the consumer's tap. A correct distribution system has to be wellplanned and designed beforehand, and adapted maintenance performed while in use. Municipal water distribution systems form a major portion of the investment in urban infrastructure and a critical component of public works. The goal is to design water distribution systems to deliver potable water over spatially extensive areas in required quantities and under satisfactory pressures. In addition to these goals, cost-effectiveness and reliability in system design are also important. The role of Direct Metered Area (DMA) management is to divide the distribution network into manageable areas or sectors into which the flow can be measured to determine whether bursts are present. In this study an attempt has been made to create water distribution network model in H2OMAP Water for a pilot study of Adikmet DMA area for continuous water supply. The results of the study indicate that a good correlation between the observed field data and simulated data has been observed. It is seen from the results that a good correlation between observed and simulated pressure shows the developed model has a good accuracy and well suited for simulation of continuous water supply distribution system. The calibrated WDN also helps in better understanding of leakages in the network.

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