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Editorial Board

David A. Steffy

Editorial Board Members: David A. Steffy, PhD
Environmental Science and Geology
Jacksonville State University, USA

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Peter Li

Peter Li, PhD
Department of Earth Sciences
Tennessee Tech University, USA

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Ben Odhiambo Kisila

Ben Odhiambo Kisila, PhD
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Mary Washington, USA

Contact Ben Odhiambo Kisila

Pinliang Dong

Pinliang Dong, PhD
Department of Geography
University of North Texas, USA

Contact Pinliang Dong

K. Adem Ali

K. Adem Ali, PhD
Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences
College of Charleston, USA

Contact K. Adem Ali

Shunfu Hu

Shunfu Hu, PhD
Department of Geography
Southern Illinois University, USA

Contact Shunfu Hu

Huan Feng

Huan Feng, PhD
Earth and Environmental Studies
Montclair State University, USA

Contact Huan Feng

Jay N. Meegoda

Jay N. Meegoda, PhD
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Contact Jay N. Meegoda

Jeffrey J. McDonnell

Jeffrey J. McDonnell, PhD
Forest Engineering, Resources & Management
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Contact Jeffrey J. McDonnell

Miklas Scholz

Miklas Scholz, PhD
Civil Engineering Research Centre
University of Salford, UK

Contact Miklas Scholz

Cherie J. Westbrook

Cherie J. Westbrook, PhD
Department of Geography and Planning
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Contact Cherie J. Westbrook

Vincenzo Naddeo

Vincenzo Naddeo, PhD
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Salerno, Italy

Contact Vincenzo Naddeo

Huaizhi Su

Huaizhi Su, PhD
State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering
Hohai University, China

Contact Huaizhi Su

K.W. Chau

K.W. Chau, PhD
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Contact K.W. Chau

Ming-Hsu Li

Ming-Hsu Li, PhD
Graduate Institute of hydrological and Oceanic Sciences
National Central University, Taiwan

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