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Exploration of Using a KintsugiInspired Mask-Making Process in Addictive Behaviors-Part A

This paper delves into examining a kintsugi-inspired ceramic mask-making process. By engaging with several ceramic masks and the integration of the kintsugi art form, the exploration will provide not only awareness of several understudied topics in the art therapy field, but also insight on the stigmas toward these individuals and the self-internalized stigma for the users. Often stigma is shown not only through people’s projected behaviors, but also as an internal perception by someone with addictive behaviors. The research provides insight on four understudied topics in the art therapy profession to help support growth across all topics and all individuals who struggle with this issue. I will then demonstrate through several trials of mask-making the unexpected knowledge gained from making, breaking, and repairing these identities I created. These processes promote greater value in a variety of mediums and methods while supporting an oft-forgotten population. The goal was to find the beauty within after dedicating to the repair process.

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