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Exploring the Associations between Demographic Characteristics and Job Satisfaction Indicators of Private Banks Employees in Bangladesh

Satisfied worker is the biggest asset of any organization and employee’s satisfaction can ensure continuous growth of an organization. The purpose of this study was to explore the significant relationships between demographic characteristics and job satisfaction indicators among private bank employees in Bangladesh. The study sample consisted of 56 (male 89.3% and female 10.7%) respondents and used semi-structured questionnaire containing pre-coded and open-ended questions. As all the variables used in this study (both dependent and independent) were categorical, Chi-square test was used to assess the relationship. In this study, significant relations were found between some demographic characteristics, such as, sex, age, salary and family income with job satisfaction indicators which were the participation in decision making, training facilities and increase knowledge and capacity. Education and geographic location did not show any significant relationship with job satisfaction indicators. Around 92.5% male employees reported that the current organization helped to increase their knowledge and working capacity (p<0.028). More than half of the employees (55.3 %) of 30-35 age group could not take part in decision making (p<0.013). In addition, family income and salary also exerted significant associations with participation in decision-making and proper training facilities respectively. Several stakeholders and concern authorities should give top priority in these demographic areas while developing strategies to improve job satisfaction level of employees.

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