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G-Reactor to Pharmaceutical Productions

G-reactor constitutes an innovation to small pharmaceutical productions and unit operations of the chemical industry at micro-plants, cap: 2.5-3.5 cubic meters and the processes in batch, vliq: 100-150 liters approximately. G-reactor distinguishes by pneumatic driving mechanism to power input and standard impeller system to the mixing operations involving Newtonian fluids and mass-transfer; a simple low-cost design warrants the reactor sealing without risks to the human health by pathogens; mechanical breaking of unwanted foams and simple practices on samplings and supplies improve the reactor performance; usual transfer rates at gas liquid systems are foreseen; a single compression unit provides the sterile air to the power supply and the oxygen of biochemical processes at micro-plants; the software enables the search and calculus of parameters involved at the reactor operation to specific process conditions; the main estimated values at technical specifications is shown; a brief technical description of integral compression units at micro plants may introduce the readers to the process engineering and the preliminary analysis of costs; the treatment of the residual gas flow is proposed.

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