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Green Method for Quantification of Sodium Cefotaxime in Lyophilized Powder by Infrared Spectroscopy

The bacterial resistance to antimicrobial is a growing difficulty found in the public health, so, all the steps of production need a strict control to minimize this problem. The quality control is one of the stages that is used in pharmaceutical industry to ensure the effectiveness of treatment and patient safety. One of antimicrobial drugs is Cefotaxime, used in treatment of meningitis and septicaemia by Gram-negatives. In the literature, there are many methods for quantification of the drug, but all of them have a great environmental impact. Therefore with the awareness about the adoption of green procedures in pharmaceutical industry, it is necessary to find new methods with reduction of waste generation and use of toxic reagents and solvents. This paper validated a new green method for quantification of sodium cefotaxime by infrared spectroscopy according to ICH (International Harmonised Tripartite Guideline). The quantification was developed using the absorbance relative to the band of the carbonyl in the β-lactam ring. The method presented suitable linearity, precision, accuracy and robustness in the range of 0.4 to 0.9 mg/pellet and capacity of quantify the cefotaxime in the pharmaceutical product with confidence as a green alternative method.

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