Hibernoma: Imaging Review and Management

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Hibernoma: Imaging Review and Management

Hibernoma is a rare benign soft tissue tumor originating from brown fat cells being the only known tumor originating from brown fat. It was first described in 1906 by Merkel H and was initially called “Pseudolipoma “In 1914 it was named “Hibernoma “by Gery L who noted the similarity between tumor cells and normal brown fat cells found in hibernating animals and newborn humans. Hibernomas represent around 1.6% of benign lipomatous tumors and about 1.1% of all tumors arising from adipose tissues, most commonly occur in adults between 20-40 years old with a mean age of 38 years. Hibernoma present as small rubbery, painless, slowly growing soft tissue mass with rapid growth of the tumor can occur in minority of cases.

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