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Hybrid Model Using Scrum Methodology for Software Development System

Because since the mid-1990s, traditional project management techniques have been progressively being phased out and replaced with lightning experimental tools. This issue is mostly caused by the inadequacies of traditional techniques, which include a sluggish response time to positively influence business needs as well as a proclivity to go over expenditure and be late to a project's deadline. Both traditional and agile techniques are discussed in detail in this article, along with their features, strengths, and shortcomings. In addition, the four main stages and nine specialties of the Unified Method, as well as the common components of the Scrum process, are explained in this article. The article concludes with the suggestion of a new hybrid agile methodology that blends the Analytical Hierarchy Processes with the Scope statement to make use of the advantages of both methodologies while simultaneously suppressing their shortcomings. The hybrid approach may be used in the technology industry, and in particular in economic sectors that facilitate the exchange projects, to great effect.

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