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Hydro-Geoelectric Study of Aquifer Potentialin Parts of Ikot Abasi Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State Using Electrical Resistivity Soundings

Geoelectric survey employing Vertical Electrical Sounding(VES) was carried out in parts of Ikot Abasi Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. In this area there is no borehole that has been drilled until now, the main objectives of this study is to be a guide for the suitable position of borehole in order to avoid wild cat drilling and also to avoid salt intrusions using the VES geophysical techniques. Schlumberger electrode configuration was used in acquiring the data. Four to five geoelectric layers were delineated from the interpreted results. It shows the topsoil having resistivity range of 80.64-2810.23 Ωm, with a thickness and depth ranging from 0.13-2.26 m. The second layer has resistivity range of 12.48-2802.61 Ωm, the third layer shows a resistivity range of 9.08-2534.06 Ωm, whereas the fourth layer with a resistivity of 0.53-1483.27 Ωm, harbours most of the aquifers in the study area and is highly resistive. The geoelectric parameters obtained were also used to estimate the longitudinal conductance and transverse resistance. This result shows that most parts of the study area have aquifer with poor protecting capacity (<0.1 mhos) resulting in high salt intrusion. The groundwater potential is high in VES 3 and 4,and moderate in others. Curve types: HAA, KHKH, KHK and HKH, were obtained.

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