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Hydrogeological Examination of Seasonal Variation in Groundwater Levels of Bangar Region, Dewas District, Madhya Pradesh, India

The crux of this paper in to present the hydrogeological examination of seasonal variation in groundwater levels of Bangar region Dewas district, Madhya Pradesh, India. The research area is the main river basin in Chambal and Kshipra River and the main source of surface water is rainfall and effluent seepage from the groundwater. These reservoirs are artificial recharge of groundwater in the downstream side. The area is covered by the Deccan trap lava flows and the tropical forms of the land include the lava plain, lava plateau and the lava hills. The fifteen wells have been examined in research area and different relevant data recorded during the pre and post monsoon session. The different details investigations in wells include; wells diameter, depth of wells, static water level, location, fluctuation and type of wells. The diameter of wells 4 to 13 meter and the depth of wells 5 to 23 meter b.g.l., the static water level range of variation from 3 meter b.g.l. post monsoon and 8 meter b.g.l. in pre monsoon. The fluctuation range is 2.5 to 13.6 meter b.g.l. The aspects of hydrogeological setting investigated in the study were the subsurface unconsolidated material characteristics (stratigraphy, lithology, hydraulic conductivity, and porosity), seasonal groundwater depths and spring discharge, topography and rainfall of the area. The form of water table may change and vary via seasonal changes, topography and structural geology. In some regions, winter precipitation is often higher than summer precipitation so the groundwater storage is not fully recharged in summer.

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