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Impact of Green Supply Chain Managerial Practices on Environmental Sustainability and sytem goals: Readymade Garment Factories of Bangladesh

The purpose of this paper is to find out the impact of Green Supply Chain managerial practices on environmental sustainability in the garment factories of Bangladesh. A combination of qualitative and quantitative methods has been used to gather data through a survey. The survey respondents were mid-level SCM managers of 60 garment factories located in Gazipur. Descriptive data analysis, regression model and ANOVA have been used to show the impact of the independent variables on ‘Environmental Sustainability’. This paper has revealed that 4 variables have a statistically significant relation with the dependent variable and that lack of knowledge and government initiatives are the main reasons for low environmental sustainability. The research identifies the government initiatives that need to be taken and it also claims that there should be awareness about the significance of environmental sustainability among managers and the workforce to achieve environmental sustainability. This is important for Bangladesh, because environmental sustainability has a positive impact on the economy of the country. Previous literature has shown the benefits of GSCM and its impact on environmental sustainability in other countries. Whereas, this paper shows the current GSCM practices of the readymade garment 
factories of Bangladesh and shows the impact of the practices on Environmental Sustainability. The paper shows the practices that have positive and negative impact on the sustainability of the environment and it also comes up with the reasons why certain practices have a negative impact. Thus, this will help the government of Bangladesh to know about the practices that need to be continued and those that need to be improved. The management sector of Bangladesh’s garment factories is dealing with a challenging but promising issue of environmentalism which has come into attention due to certain treaties to fight climate change. This environmentalism has pressurized factories to come up with practices and procedures that will help make companies greener. In addition to financial factors, now companies also have prioritized environmental factors and keep a balance between the factors (Al Mamun, 2019). Nowadays environmentalism is been paid a lot of attention by the government of Bangladesh because it has been found that it carries a huge potential in achieving environmental goals. The environmental management aspects have been integrated with Supply Chain Management practices, due to which Supply Chain Management was named to Green Human Resource Management (GHRM). 

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