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In silico Phylogenetic Similarity Analysis of Anti-Oxidative Enzymes Amongst Poaceae Family Plants

The in silico studies were undertaken to demonstrate the genetic relatedness amid Poaceae family members viz; edible bamboo, wheat and sugarcane. Indigenous anti-oxidative plant systems consisting of enzymatic as well as non-enzymatic antioxidant mechanisms, subdue stressed environmental situations as free radicals or reactive oxygen species dependent oxidative stress is correlated with adverse environment. In silico anti-oxidative enzymes viz. Catalase (EC, Superoxide dismutase [SOD] (EC and Glutathione peroxidise [GPX] (EC in Bambusa oldhamii, Saccharum officinarum and Triticum aestivum were investigated for the molecular relatedness. The FASTA sequences of target proteins were harnessed for sequence alignment by Clustalw2 and MEGA 6.0 software for evolutionary genetic tree assembly through Neighbor-Joining technique. Subsequently MEME and MAST tools were also employed to anticipate motif sections of target sequences. Molecular evolutionary analysis depicted close relatedness between SOD of bamboo and that of sugarcane while CAT and GPX of wheat showed relatedness with SOD of bamboo. This study offers a significant insight for plant stress metabolism and relatedness among plants of Poacease family members. This information also has application for meaningful anti-oxidative molecular exploration for crop improvement.

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