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Influence of Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters on Distribution of Dissolved Carbon dioxide in Ground Waters of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

The present study was carried out in order to understand the influence of biological, physical and chemical parameter on the distribution of dissolved carbon dioxide in four different regions Such as Coastal, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial regions ground waters of Visakhapatnam during winter season. This study revealed physical,chemical and biological properties of Coastal and Residential regions and Commercial and Industrial regions are seems to show similar behaviour. The bio available total dissolved carbohydrate (TDCHO) and total dissolved proteins (TDPRO) found to be high in the coastal and residential regions than commercial and industrial regions ground waters. High heterotrophic respiration rates are found in the commercial and industrial regions than coastal and residential region ground waters. Ground water pCO2 levels (~ 15000 µ atm) in Visakhapatnam are 50 times higher than atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Dissolved carbon dioxide (pCO2) doesn’t show much variability in among these four regions, but the sources for the pCO2 are different from coastal and residential to the commercial and industrial region ground waters.

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