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Integrated Hydraulic Construction Designs - Innovative E-learning ICTs for Efficient Agricultural Medical Health Sustainable Tourism Infrastructures

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has inevitable impacts related to sustainable smart cities, surveillance in emergencies, pandemics and efficient project management of particular tourism infrastructures that promote sustainability. The tourism industry, as the fastest and largest growing industry in the world, cannot be excluded from associated environmental health technologies that promote safe sustainable healthcare facilities related to alternative types of medical health tourism. ICTs provide information about tourist attractions in different destinations before travelling and improves tourists’ satisfaction promoting safe places with good travelling memories. Although arid climates in dry seasons have great tourism potentials as travel visiting places at post pandemic covid-19 era, it needs to be performed well in promoting unique, safe attractions to international tourists via proper E-learning ICTs tools. This research explores the impact of ICTs for better project management of tourism infrastructures for landscape improvement in travel attractions not only for polluted brownfields that have been reclamated on top soils, presenting several agricultural tourism activities that promote green circural economy but also on foreign tourists’ satisfaction of the agricultural medical health tourism interactive facilities.

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