Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An OverviewISSN: 2327-4581

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Integrating Spatio-Temporal Predictions in Web-GIS Based on a Relational Database Model

Geostatistics and geographic information systems (indicated with the acronym GIS) provide useful tools to manage environmental spatio-temporal data. They often represent a valid support for actions addressed to favor sustainable development of a territory. In this paper, the potential use of a GIS with a web interface as well as  the possibility of enhancing its performance by recalling spatio-temporal geostatistical techniques for analyzing environmental data are discussed. After introducing a georelational database model designed to store and analyze both pollutants and atmospheric variables collected from different monitoring stations located in the Salento region, the construction of a GIS project together with the associated Web-GIS is proposed. Environmental data and spatio-temporal geostatistical predictions are integrated and interactive maps with various functionalities are provided.

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