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International Awareness of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Some may not grasp the concept that today’s youth will take on the future. It is the high school and university students etc. in the world, that have a vision and want to make a difference. From my trip to colleges and high schools internationally, I observed that many students were unaware of the advantages of entrepreneurship, let alone the definition of entrepreneurship. After delivering sessions that would educate them on the benefits of entrepreneurship to the economy, and the resources available to them, they further understood the importance of this crucial aspect of the world. There was a simple equation that I had constructed to further illustrate the future: technology + entrepreneurship = international development. All of these three elements have specific roles and forms but the essential goal for youth would be to become innovative and develop a thirst for knowledge. Business management in their minds would change in faster and more efficient ways. Technology would aid in the expediting process of effective marketing, accounting and business management as a whole. The world rests in the hands of our younger generations and what we can do is to provide them with more opportunities to be heard.

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