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Internet Addiction and Psychopathological Symptoms in Greek University Students

Internet Addiction and Psychopathological Symptoms in Greek University Students

This study aimed to investigate the impact of Internet addiction on psychiatric symptoms among Greek university undergraduate students. The study was conducted among 1324 students. Participants completed a sociodemographic questionnaire, Internet Addiction Test and Symptom Checklist-90-Revision (SCL-90-R). Questionnaires were provided online. T-test and Logistic Regression Analysis were used to compare psychiatric symptoms between Internet addicted and non-addicted students. The prevalence of Internet addiction among Greek students is 4.5% and at risk population 66.1%. There were significant differences between the means of psychiatric symptoms in SCL-90-R subscales among addicted and non-addicted subjects. Depression and anxiety appeared to have the most consistent correlation with Internet addiction. Additionally, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, hostility/aggression, time in the Internet and quarrel with parents associated with Internet addiction.

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