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Intervention for Patients with Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders, Starting from Psychiatric Emergency Care: Follow-Up Study after 30 and 90 Days

This prospective, descriptive and quantitative study detected patients with psychoactive substance use disorders treated at the Referenced Psychiatric Emergency Unit from May 2010 to May 2011. These patients were invited to attend the Intervention Group (IG) – a psychiatric medical assessment occurred in up to seven days after the emergency visit whose purpose was to increase motivation and facilitate access to treatment in the health care network in the region - and conducted follow-up evaluating reduction in psychoactive substances consumption and treatmentseeking after 30 and 90 days by comparing patients that attended in IG with those who did not, the Control Group (CG). The interventionGroup had a greater reduction in psychoactive substance use, after 30 days (p<0.0001) and 90 days (p<0.0001), more patients sought treatment after 30 days (p<0.0001) and 90 days (p=0.0026) and there was lower hospitalization rates within 30 days (p<0.0001) and 90 days (p=0.0005). Individuals with addiction to crack were 1.66 times more likely to not reduce consumption in 90 days. The Intervention Group proved itself an effective tool in reducing psychoactive substance abuse and promoting treatment-seeking after 30 and 90 days.

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