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Investigation of Nephroprotective Potential of Cassia Absus L. Seeds Against Gentamicin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Experimental Animals

Objective: Gentamicin has been reported to cause nephrotoxicity as evidenced by marked increase in serum creatinine and urea, and a significant decrease in creatinine clearance. The objective of this study was focused on exploration of protective action of Cassia absus L. against Gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats. Methods: Aqueous methanolic extract of Cassia absus L. seeds (Ca.Cr) were prepared and phytochemical analysis were performed. Wistar Albino rats were divided into different groups. Control group was given normal saline; p.o, while treatment groups received different doses (100, 300 and 500mg/kg) Ca.Cr Intoxication was induced by intraperitoneal administration of Gentamicin (100mg/ kg) for seven days, except normal control group. The experimental animals were evaluated for changes in body weight, kidney weight, serum creatinine, serum urea and blood urea nitrogen levels. Histological studies were also carried out for the representative animal of each group.

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