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Laparoscopic Removal of Foreign Body from Colon

Foreign bodies in gastrointestinal tract are common. Most don’t require treatment. Sharp foreign body in hepatic flexure causing intestinal perforation is very rare. We are presenting a chronic alcoholic patient under the effect of acute alcoholic intoxication unknowingly swallowed a ball pen. he developed acute abdominal symptoms such as pain in right hypochondrium, fever and nausea of three days. On examination he had a tender mass in right hypochondrium. On diagnostic laparoscopy he had chronic inflammatory mass and perforation at hepatic flexure of colon. We had done successful retrieval of ball pen by laparoscopy and done laparoscopic intra corporeal closure of colonic perforation. In view of minimal contamination and collection we had kept a wide bore drain adjacent to perforation. Patient had excellent post operative recovery and was discharged on 5th post operative day. Laparoscopy is safe and feasible for retrieval of foreign body from colon.

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