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Prediction of Preterm Delivery at Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Women

morbidity in the world. Its worldwide incidence ranges from around 5%-15%, depending on the population. The worldwide rates of preterm birth have increased in the past couple of decades in spite of the efforts to alleviate the problems associated with preterm delivery and the medical advances made. Preterm deliveries and associated complications account for over 75% of the neonatal mortality rates and for around half of the neurological sequalle in newborn children. Consequently, women presenting with threatened preterm labor are often treated with hospitalization and the administration of tocolytics to avoid preterm delivery. Randomized studies on the use of tocolytics in threatened preterm labor have demonstrated a significant prolongation of pregnancy by about 7 days but no significant reduction in the incidence of preterm delivery, perinatal morbidity or mortality.

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