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Managing Radical Change in Entrepreneurship Education: Adoption of Innovative and Effective Pedagogy used in Teaching Entrepreneurship

In both developed and developing economies, a lot of emphasis is being given to entrepreneurship education, especially in higher education institutions because of its tremendous potential for job creation; accelerate the economic growth; bringing new technologies to the everyday life of people; and its ability to serve small markets. The effectiveness of entrepreneurship education largely depends on the teaching-learning method adopted in teaching entrepreneurship. In this paper, the researcher has attempted to find out the parameters of measuring the effectiveness of entrepreneurship education and suggest one of the most effective teaching-learning methods already tested in a live classroom. The study uses both qualitative and experimental research. Opinion of experts in the field of entrepreneurship education forms the bulk of qualitative research. The case study of a unique teaching-learning method adopted by the researcher in teaching entrepreneurship comprises the experimental research. The researcher has compared the effectiveness of the various teaching-learning methods used in teaching entrepreneurship with respect to the expected outcome and suggests an innovative teaching-learning method found to be very effective. The study has widespread practical implications as it has the potential to take entrepreneurship education to the next level across higher education institutions across the globe. Further studies may be conducted by using it in other universities / institutes of higher education.

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