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The objective of this research is to understand the mechanisms that enable mediation effectiveness, as well as to improve effectiveness of skills of third parties. In this line, we analyze the role of trust in mediation.

Effectiveness was examined in rights and interest–based conflicts. Professional mediators from Spain (N=77) and Chile (N=14) responded a questionnaire about mediation strategies (Lim and Carnevale, 1990) and perceived effectiveness. A confirmatory factor analysis supported a tridimensional model of mediation strategies in the two cultures. The strategies are Reflexive, Contextual and Substantive. Results show cultural differences in the use of strategies and self-perceived mediation effectiveness (Chilean mediators use more contextual and reflexive strategies in both conflicts and less use of substantive strategies). The greater effectiveness of mediation in Chile compared to that of Spain could be due to the Chilean labor mediators make greater use of contextual strategies (M=4.25) and reflective (M =4.32) in conflicts of rights and interests as less use of substantive strategies (M =1.97) in both types of conflicts (Study 1). 

We design an experimental study to further understand the differences between Chilean and Spanish mediators. We used a 2 type of conflict (interest based vs. right based conflicts) x 2 -type mediation- (ingroup vs. outgroup). The experiment`s results show that trust in mediation mediate the relationship between type of mediation and outcome. The type of conflict moderates the relationship between the type of mediation and trust in mediation conflicts (Study 2). 

We present evidence about trust in mediation and its impact on the effectiveness of the mediation in the two types of conflict. The results are analyzed bearing in mind the organizational and functional structure of the mediation systems.

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