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Medical astrology: Cosmic healing technique

Astrology is one of the main branches of Vedic astrology. As per medical astrology, one’s health is dependent on his/her ascendant sign, moon sign and on placement of nine planets in the birth chart. In a birth chart we have 12 houses and each house depict the part of the human body. Also the 12 zodiac signs show different body parts of Kaala Purusha. The ‘Kaala Pursha’ or the ‘Cosmic Man’ is a deep concept of Vedic astrology and can be explained in many ways. Information needed to prepare Natal or Birth Chart is: date of birth, accurate birth time, place of birth (city, state and country). What is a natal or birth chart? A natal or birth chart is mathematically calculated to determine the precise position of the planets at the moment of birth. While the planets and stars act as our guides, they are also symbols and systems of energy that can help us discover deeper insights about which we are, and how we can change and transform our lives. When viewed from a psychological and therapeutic standpoint, the natal chart is a symbolic mirror of our character and soul.

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