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Short Communication, Lpm Vol: 107 Issue: 6

Medical astrology: Cosmic healing technique

Narendra Gangadhar Umrikar

Vastu Spandan, India


Astrology is one of the main branches of Vedic astrology. As per medical astrology, one’s health is dependent on his/her ascendant sign, moon sign and on placement of nine planets in the birth chart. In a birth chart we have 12 houses and each house depict the part of the human body. Also the 12 zodiac signs show different body parts of Kaala Purusha. The ‘Kaala Pursha’ or the ‘Cosmic Man’ is a deep concept of Vedic astrology and can be explained in many ways. Information needed to prepare Natal or Birth Chart is: date of birth, accurate birth time, place of birth (city, state and country). What is a natal or birth chart? A natal or birth chart is mathematically calculated to determine the precise position of the planets at the moment of birth. While the planets and stars act as our guides, they are also symbols and systems of energy that can help us discover deeper insights about which we are, and how we can change and transform our lives. When viewed from a psychological and therapeutic standpoint, the natal chart is a symbolic mirror of our character and soul.

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Details of Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is one science that is still hidden to the world and not very few practitioners of Vedic Astrology really know the inner secrets of it. If proper research is done on this secret science, humanity who is not only in perfect health but also mentally strong, such is the potential. There is enough scientific evidence to support that planetary configurations not only affect each other but also living and non-living things on earth. Now it should be questioned Why human beings would not be attracted such system. Apart from assumptions, everything else can not only be calculated mathematically but also applied scientifically. Given complexities involved and the magnitude of its scope, it is possible that sometimes things are over looked and certain factors may not have been taken into Consideration. Assumptions are made in every field of scientific endeavors and a certain perfection is warranted

What is the scope of Medical Astrology? It has a strong base in India. It takes into consideration deeper issues relating to human life. Western Medical science believes in systematic treatment of diseases. But recently some researchers are to go into root causes. In India some of the doctors keep in touch with learned Astrologers and often consultthem regarding their patients. Astrology believes in KARMA theory. S0, the medical astrology takes into consideration the following factors Men and women have different sets of diseases. • Some diseases are common When children are born, some of them suffer from diseases according to their past Karma

Astro(jyothi) means light and light rays are naturally emanated from Sun. Since olden time immemorial the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets etc., were recognized as a sources of light, and other types of energy. The effect of these rays on living beings and also on the Environment, climatic conditions, seasons etc., made the study of these rays compulsory. This study is called Astrology. The ancient man was well acquainted with this knowledge.The ancient people. considered light is source of enjoyment and darkness the Reverse. The primitive people realized that the moments of Sun, Moon and other planets follow a particular pattern and they play a vital role in he lives of human beings. So, they started deriving conclusions, from a constant study with great curiosity and deep Observations providing thought, experiments, tests etc., So, Astrology otherwise called Jyotisha sastra is prominent and primitive sciences. It is Developing from the beginning of the creation and is evergreen. It is supreme among vedic sciences like a peacock’s tail, or gem on snake’s head. Astrological directions to native act appropriate keeping us in view the prospects of the native basing on time factor. But the subject depends on the person who understands properly and coordinates all facts. No subject will be accepted as a science unless it is proved. So proper study and confirmation of the facts beyond doubt is essential. Since directs to life style of a man or the happenings in nature. Every aspect of science has a cause. But existence of a cause is different from noticing the cause. Depending on the changes in the society the causes are changing. Hence one should study this with much concentration and understanding

Ayurveda doctors made lot of research on eatables. Even he modern doctors are of the opinion that wheat leaves are of good help curing the mental and physical ailments. Similarly certain Gems are prescribed /augment/ energy. Ruby(Gem} which is attributed to Sun emits the microform of Sunrays. The moon is considered as watery planet and controls many Diseases as the human body 2/3 watery substances. Mars, which is in red in colour emits rays mix with Sunrays, controls the blood pressure, cancer etc.,. Mercury rays are the cause for Greenery, Jupiter for Knowledge, Venus for happiness, Saturn for laziness Rahu for ambition, Kethu for depression. So, every planet has its own influence on the human body, showing the path towards prosperous life into individuals and the society at large.

Ayurveda means ‘The Science of life” and is the and Indigenous system in India since thousand of years. It believes that all ailments are a natural process and their cures are by nature only. It has mainly three aspects AETOLOGY(the science of the causes of disease), SYMPTOLOGY( the study of interpretation of symptoms) and MEDICATION(the means of diseases are cured). This systems aims at understanding the eternal truths of the human body, mind and spirit and seeks permanent cures.

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